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Atelje Janja Gora
Janja Gora 163b
47304 Plaški

tel.:095 911 86 29




The 6th colony of ceramic – Janja Gora 2011. – ‘THE TREE OF LIFE’

You can look at the photos here. This year’s colony of ceramic under the name ‘The tree of life’ was held in two parts. The first part of the workshop was held on the weekend of 23rd – 24th April. On this workshop the participants of the project built a ceramic tree about 1, 5 m high. The tree was then left to dry for a couple of weeks, then it was bisquitly fired in an electric kiln (several times in parts due to its proportions) and then prepared for final working.
On the day 13th of August the tree was fired again. The tree was installed in the sculpture park of the atelier and decorated on the spot with various pigments and glazes. Then there was a construction of a temporary kiln made around the tree. We stoked a fire all around it and it lasted about five hours.
The next day, 14th of August the kiln construction was removed and the tree saw the light of day.
Besides of putting up and firing the tree, during the day we fired a few wood kilns and tried new combinations of glazes made out of ash. All of that was tried out mostly for the international Chawan exhibition in Opatija.
A lot of the members of the atelier were included in this colony, and during the working process there were many visitors interested in the process of building a statue together, as well as it’s drying, firing and decorating. Like a permanent mark of this colony on the space of the atelier stands now another sculpture, widening the range of sculptures in our park in progress.

Between the preparation and the firing our tree, the participants of this year’s colony amused themselves with building a roof above the spot where we are going to build a clay bread-oven in the shape of a dragon. The process of building is visible here (picasa).
‘The dragon of Janja Gora’, Ognjenka, so got a roof over its head and all the conditions for it’s awakening and introducting in the life of the atelier are now ready.
The bread-oven is going to be built from the so called COB, a mixture of clay, hay and sand. The whole process is going to be announced and there will be photos and videos put up on our page after the building is done

We thank the members of the atelier, the participants of the colony, sponsors and donators, as well as other friends of our work. Special thanks to the province of Karlovac for financial support of the colony.
More photos of the happening and whole weekend were taken by Mr. Kosanović, and you can see them here.

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