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Atelje Janja Gora
Janja Gora 163b
47304 Plaški

tel.:095 911 86 29




The 7th colony of ceramic – JANJA GORA 2012. – ‘OGNJENKA’

Look at the photos here (picasa). We dedicated this year’s ceramic colony to two subjects. One of them was the finishing up of the ‘Spring’ mural, and the other was building a bread-oven, a fireplace. You can read more about the finishing of the mural on the pages about the project ‘Creatives in Lika’, and you can read our story about Ognjenka here.
Ognjenka is our oven for bread and other tasty food. Besides that, Ognjenka is also the wall protecting out fireplace from the wind. Ognjenka is also the place for playing with soil (clay), sand and hay. She is also an artistic sculpture in progress, a mystic shape that symbolizes the energy of the village. Wanting to play with traditional ways of building we decided to use materials we can take directly out of our environment. We dig up clay a few meters away from the building spot, the sand also and the hay from the surrounding fields.
Before we approached the building itself we had to test the materials and how much exactly are they able to connect with one another. The inner shape of the oven (the fireplace) was shaped with sand, then coated with a thermal layer of sand and clay (mix), and so layer by layer all the way to the last one, achieving a thickness of 20-30 cm all together. Besides putting on layers, we built a protective ‘firewall’ on a stone base existent before it. That way we connected the ‘head’ and ‘body’ of Ognjenka.
Ognjenka is still growing. Still in process. She is in fact a process that will show the aspects of building with clay, sand and hay and approachable materials. She is built one step at a time, forming into a sculpture with graduate addition of layers. For now she is still in a building state of the basic body which will then get its figure.
The most beautiful part of it is the process itself. That way Ognjenka’s body already knows the hands of dozens of her builders, from various countries and cultures who leave their mark in their own, unique way. Every visitor of the atelier has a chance to stick his hands in the primer material and add a peace of his energy to the oven that will bake a lot of sweet meals to future visitors.

And you as well, our future visitors may have the opportunity to create Ognjenka, or maybe just enjoy her creations. Either way, welcome.


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