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Atelje Janja Gora
Janja Gora 163b
47304 Plaški

tel.:095 911 86 29





We divided Saturdays' workshops in two groups, adult workshops and children workshops with parents, grandparents, guardians etc..

One-day Saturday workshops
The workshops are individual and completely open. To approach them you can, but you don't have to have previous knowledge about ceramics. That is one of the goals of our atelier in general; to make art available to anyone that is interested and feels the need to express themselves, regardless of skill or any other factor.
The workshop leaders approach each and every participant individually and every one of them is free to do and develop exactly what interests them. They have all the tools and equipment needed to do so, as well as proffesional guidance and advice from our members.
As we're aware people have other obligations and our atelier is in a relatively remote place, nobody is obligated to come to the workshops regularly. As the approach is individual, every participant can continue where he left off.

The workshops are held in Atelier Janja Gora, Janja Gora 165a, village Janja Gora, city of Plaški.
The price of a one-day workshop is Kn 350,- (€ 50,-) per person. The price includes lunch, lessons, materials, tool use, ceramics firing, simple lunch and refreshments (tea, coffee).
The maximum number of participates is 8 people.

The workshops are held on the announcement or after enough participants apply. You can also form your own group with friends and/or fammily. In that case we can make a special workshop designed for your needs and wishes.

10.30 – beggining of the workshop, activities to 13.30
13.30 – lunch
14.30 – 17.30 – activities

You can mail us about directions on how to apply as well as any other question you might have.

Some of the weekend workshops have some special theme and are focusing on special aspects of ceramics, otherwise not shown on regular workshops or meant for some special type of group. There is a vast array of them, but here we're going to list just some.

Decorating ceramics with metal salts, then firing those pieces in holes digged in the ground. To do this program, more than one day is needed so these workshops usually last from Saturday to Sunday.

Arriving to the atelier between 10.00 and 10.30 a.m., welcoming, drinking coffee, tea and getting to know the technique.
Then, preparing the glazes and decorating the pieces, preparing wood for the fire, arranging the pieces in the hole, firing it and 'looking after' the fire. These fires burn for a couple of hours, and the cooling of the pieces lasts till morning. During the firing, the participants spend their time exchanging experiences and friendships, doing other techniques and evaluating the achieved results before the workshop ends.

A workshop for one or two weekends, about preparing and using paperclay to make delicate (small) or monumental (big) pieces. The participants of these workshops will learn everything about preparing and making sculptures from paperclay. This type of clay is very good for making big pieces so this kind of workshop can also be a good teambuilding workshop for groups of people that want to discover their similarities and differences through art.

The participants gather in the atelier around 10.00 a.m. at Saturday (or even Friday afternoon). Welcoming, coffee, tea.
Getting to know the technique while making pieces. Learning about the possibilities this material provides.

Paper kiln
A workshop conducted during multiple weekends or days in a row because of its complexity – making a kiln out of clay and paper.
Pieces fired in this technique get a special effect because of the interactions of the flames and substances added to the kiln during building it. As well as in all the other workshops, most of the day everyone works together on the project but there is always enough time for quality socialising and exchanging knowledge and experiences.

For raku and other workshops the schedule is similiar and will be written in detail after the workshop announcement.

Other possibilities
Among other possibilities there are various creative workshops conducted by our outside colleagues – gravure printing, graphic art, photography, all the way to collecting medicinal herbs. From tournaments in archery to astrological workshops.
All the workshops are based on encouraging creativity and inducing spiritual growth.
Activities that promote agression such as paintball, motocross, shooting clay pigeons etc. are of no interest to us and are not on the list of possible or wanted activities.

You can inform yourself about the workshops that are yet to come on our facebook page or via e-mail.

More info:
Atelje Janja Gora
Branko Šupica, 095 911 86 29
Danijela Pešut, 095 911 86 27


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