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Atelje Janja Gora
Janja Gora 163b
47304 Plaški

tel.:095 911 86 29





Since October 2009, Atelje Janja Gora started a program of creative workshops focusing on artistic and usable ceramics.
Anybody who feels within themselves the need of creative expression and wants to try clay as a material is most welcome to apply to the workshops.

Workshop schedule:
Monday 4.30 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Friday 4.30 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

We plan our workshops according to you, the participants – that way you can come and free your artistic side while learning about ceramics as a hobby, but you can also learn the ceramic craft as a new job, a new experience of an old trade.
We approach each participant as an individual, which means you can determine the speed, difficulty and range of information you want to learn by yourself. The frequency of attending the workshops is also entirely up to you and, due to the individual approach, you always continue exactly where you left off. If you want to prolongue your learning experience, you can always attend our weekend workshops.
As the workshops are depending on the number of participants, it is always good to contact us for the availability

All workshops are held in Atelje Janja Gora, Janja Gora 163b, village Janja Gora, Plaški municipality.
The price is 50.- kuna's per workshop. The maximum number of participants is 8 people.

The price includes instructions, materials like pigments and glazes, usage of tools, firing (energy) and refreshments (coffee, tea). The price does not include the clay, which you can also buy in the atelier itself if needed.

Applications to the workshops should be made at least two days beforehand, and you can apply via:
- phone (+385 95 911 86 27)
- mail
- facebook
That way, you are completely free to evolve within the speed you create on your own. If you want to fill up this weekly routine, you can always apply to our weekend workshops on Saturdays.

During the workshops the participants are introduced to clay and ceramics as materials, as well as the history of this traditional craft and artistic branch, with special emphasis on the history of our region as well as the artistic expression of the Yapode tribe, the ancestoral habitants of this valley among other ancients like Colapians, Liburnians, Delmatians and Histrians.

...and practice
In the practical part of the workshop participants get to learn various techniques of making clay objects, starting from hand-made works through the ceramic wheel, to making molds and casting.

Decoration and glazing
After making an object, decorating and glazing it comes next. Here you can learn various ways of getting certain effects combining glazes, colours and clays..

For a piece of ceramics we embodied with life of our own hands and inspiration to truly become alive, it needs to undergo a fiery transformation. Fired on temperatures from 900°C to 1320°C, clay becomes a hard object indestructible by time. On the workshops we fire the ceramics in one of our electrical kilns or one of the gas and wood fired kilns.

A specialty of our atelier is firing clay the olden way like our ancestors did, and that kind of firing leads to stunning effects. On our weekend workshops we offer special decorating and firing techniques that we don't usually do on week workshops as they take more time. These special activities are part of a special program anyone who is interested can join, whether they went to a workshop before or not.
From the summer 2013, the atelier is also a proud owner of an anagama (Janjagama), a big wood fired kiln. As it is the only kiln of that type in this part of Europe, it attracts ceramists from all over the world. As it is a big kiln and a long process to fire it, we decided to make seasonal workshops for bigger groups and each and every one of them is specifically defined and organized according to the group.
More about the anagama and the firings on our other pages.

The money gained from the workshops is used for realizing the goals of our atelier and promoting ceramics as an art and a social, economical and turistic initiator for our community.

For more info:
Atelje keramike Janja Gora
Branko Šupica, 095 911 86 29
Danijela Pešut, 095 911 86 27


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