How can we realize something together? By doing it.

Support our project by small (or big) financial contribution. The realization of one self sustainable art’s and crafts center in not so far away, but, it needs to be accomplished in order to provide and contribute to whole society in the future.

We live in a very challenging time. Human freedoms and basic needs and rights seem to be loosing ground. Times coming seem to be even more of a challenge. In 2020 we have thought for a minute of stopping with the whole project. Faced with economical shortage for the basic family needs, we started looking in to other options. But that was a very brief minute. Very soon we have realized that projects like ours are and will become of the essential need for the humanity. Ability to express your self, to be able to make something of your own, in the inspiring surrounding of nature is something that we all need, al the times, and specially in the times like this.

Special attentions needs to go to our children and youth, growing up in this times, deprived of warmth and freedom, exposed to confusing world around them. That’s why we insist on continuing our ‘Kreativci u Lici’ (Creatives in Lika) program. Program of free workshops for children of local school and other isolated and less developed rural areas in our direct surrounding. We see the place and the roll of our center in all of this. And we see the potential of the program to be a played wider, in whole land or Europe.

Now to the point of crowdfunding. Many of our close friends know how long and hard we have been working on this project. Always independent, direct in our communication and our goals. Funding and financing art project’s in country’s like ours was never easy. Unless you have some political or any other influential ties, you never get the chance to even present your idea. We know that, since we are writing letters and project proposals for 13 years, with very little to none benefit. On the other hand, corona crisis has taken from us our main income source, tourism, and left us standing here where we are now.

So, in order to continue our project, we decided to call out to the wide world and ask there for support. We decided to crowdfunded it. If you like the basic postulates presented here, and want to join and help us in our effort, please choose one of the options below. If you would like to read more information about our project, visit our webpage ( Or send us an email with your questions.

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