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Atelje Janja Gora
Janja Gora 163b
47304 Plaški

tel.:095 911 86 29




Atelier Janja Gora

To become who we really are and what we're meant to be, we undergo many temptations in life. Struggles for individual freedom, freedom of spirit, freedom of existance and expression are often simplified into minimalistic principles of good and evil, and all of that for the purpose of easier settling, understanding and enduring various realities which are inevitable for us.

To be and to stay what you really are is one of the hardest challenges life puts in front of us.
To be what you are seems rather simple as a sentence and easy to do, but in reality it is as big of a question as life and death, the meaning of life and the simple beauty of a day.

Our work, being and vision are our way of searching for the answer, trying to be truthful to ourselves and the world around us.
To wish for anything more from ourselves and the world except for inner peace, harmony and understanding and enough inspirational freedom to realize your ideas, dreams and fantasies would be needless.

We're here because we want it.
We're here because we couldn't be somwhere else.
And as the wiseman said, a 1000 foot journey starts with the first step - that's how our begins and ends... every day.
To witness the power of life and to be able to express it in art is rewarding enough for the troublesome path of birth, life and death.

The Yapodese (Japodi)
When the Japodese came to us on our journey, our ancient ancestors whose heartbeat has treaded through centuries to reach our ears, we felt it's our mission to find out everything we can about these extraordinary people. Their artistic expression is a lasting inspiration to our work.

Their main material of choice was clay and some ceramic objects they used have been found in the valley where we work and live, so we are trying to reach the core of their culture whose knowledge of ceramics was profound even in those ancient times.
Their original and inventive solutions for objects of daily use, nowadays produced with low quality materials that are not ecological, made us think about that particular aspect of ceramics. Everything our ancestors created was designed to last and to exist in the biggest possible harmony with nature, which is also our goal – to reharmonize with nature.

Through our atelier we want to give ourselves and the world the feeling of magic from this forgotten time.

Researching and working in that direction, we also entered the More clay, less plastic initiative, whose main focus is the ecological aspect of ceramics as a material that is more enduring, more healthy and more natural than plastic. That way they intend to show people from all over the world that every small step is, after all, a step.

If what you read inspired you or touched you in any way, feel free to contact us via facebook or mail, or just visit us in the center.
New ideas and positive energies are always welcome.

Danijela Pešut i Branko Šupica





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